Inconsistencies in Form, Content, and Timing

For those of you who know us or knew us at some time and to any personal degree, you may have once wondered, could they be any more manic?

For us – that is, the only people who both know us now and knew us then – we still wonder the same thing to this day. The goods news is that we’ve stepped away from the edge of political commentary, mostly because the fringes of existential crisis haunt us daily in China. Admittedly, we live a charmed and risky life full of whiskey bars, foie gras, and broken communication, which leaves us at a profound distance with the average person we pass on the street.

It’s not a simple affect that changes our behavior towards those with this linguistic barrier – Luke often resorts to shouting in English and getting frustrated when the other party doesn’t comply (a strategy that has paid off in dividends in his Sinification), and I am extremely limited by my lack of engagement with any social actor, linguistic barrier or no. These reactions are the result of a long time in a very different place combined with our very antagonistic personalities.

Anyways, we’re more manic than ever, and a large part of that stems from our new line of work – we’re education dealers now, frantically looking for work, frantically finishing our tasks in record time, and then frantically looking for more.

Imagine the shady silhouette of a trench-coat figure in an alley on a rainy night. He approaches you and your friends, and you feel a pit in your stomach as your concern grows over whether he has a knife or crack-cocaine in his pocket. You make eye contact and see that there’s nothing behind his eyes. His gaze penetrates you and locks you in place. He seems to speak without opening his mouth in a scratchy voice, “hey kids, want some education? I got the good shit.”

James, you might say, I saw you take a final exam blackout drunk and write pages of incoherent confessions about you being the postmodern hero of a generation of homeschoolers – how can you be an education specialist?

You have a point, I would reply, but points don’t really matter in the real world, just like the 36% I got on that exam.

Talk to you guys later and in a form I don’t know yet. Cheers,

James Doerfler, Corporate Entity

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