Letter to Our Readers 7/22/16

Dear Creatures,

Welcome to Vern and Sisters, an online magazine. We are here to entertain you. Definitely not to conduct surveillance on your data for the NSA. Reading fodder. Catapulting Content. Fear boredom no more. Keep the existential dread at bay. Binge Read. Don’t be Afraid of the things you can’t understand. Love somebody. Read our content. Please. Ultralight Asteroid Beams for your intelligence. Kill your ego. Read our obscuria. Chimichangas aren’t really mexican food.

We will provide you with a new edition every month or so. Books too. Publishing for real. Anything to avoid getting a real job. People say nobody reads books anymore, but that’s for all of us to decide. Don’t let the cynics be right. Crawl into a thought hole.

The story of how we got evicted from Myrtle Beach, Angsty page designs, interview with rapper Dean Chatham, a full length play, all this and more in the newest edition.

Worship Cthulhu the octopus God. The Chosen One. The Ancient. Defender of the darkness. He is your grandfather now. Oh Benevolent Cthulhu, please get the capitalism out of my vas deferens. Love people not things.

Worship false prophets. We are a cult, but we probably won’t ask you to kill yourself. Subscribe below. We will only send you an email when a new edition is published. That’s like one email a month. Your inbox can handle it.



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