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What we’ve been up to:

Important. Some days are and some days aren’t, but it’s not always easy to tell whether a day was important or not. Some days you land on your bed and you think, “wow today was important. Something happened today.”

Other days are important but you won’t realize for months or maybe years. That’s what this is about. There was a day 15 months ago that was like that for me. I don’t even remember it actually.

It was the day that I gave up.

I was ready to publish vernandsisters.com again. I’m certain that all I had to do was hit the update site button, but something stopped me. It was a mysterious force, from tectonic movements under the ocean I suspect. We had eight pieces of content, all of the designs were done, but I didn’t follow through with it.

It must have been emotional or petty, like I was afraid of encountering even some minor success, or my brain was too focused on moving halfway across the world for me to let anymore anxiety in. The closest thing I can get to remembering is thinking about all of the questions that I had….

-What are we doing here? What is the purpose of this?

  • Why would anyone want to read anything on the internet?
  • Why would anyone visit a website that is all text, and juvenile half-assed attempts at design?
  • How do you persuade people to read, what value do you give them?
  • What happens after you die?
  • Will I die in an earthquake?  In like July 2016 I was convinced that I had twelve months to live and I would die because of an earthquake.

All of these questions seem egotistical now.

This is supposed to be funny, I almost forgot. Here are some sketches of the earlier version of the site. Our new plan is to release two new pieces of content every Friday, so that in a month there are eight pieces of writing. Each one has a common theme, the theme for December is Redemption. We are working to get the archive set up so that you can read all of the fiction and original things we posted.

Our original front page was supposed to look like this,

I spent a lot of time on my cousin Duke’s couch designing those sweet palm trees. I was going through this geometry apologism phase, I think I still might be. I was trying to design everything with basic geometric shapes. The problem is that I’m really bad at it. I worked on this one recently, I’m actually pretty happy with the way that it looks. I just don’t like the words I wrote actually. I wanted it to come off more sarcastically then it did. It’s hard to write sarcasm.


So then we had this octopus, and we were going to put hyperlinks around his tentacles. It was basically a reproduction of an outline of a very shroomy octopus that I had drawn a while back.

What was potentially our biggest failure was this ridiculous idea I had that we were going to fire all of the U.S. Senate. We were going to write 100 letters, send them all out, and hopefully before we graduated college one month after we started the project. That was an undertaking I was not prepared to see to the end.

Here is our organizational spreadsheet, notice the lack of x’s in the right-hand columns.

I was going to design this Uncle Sam looking octopus thing too, that never even got started.

Here is the furthest I got.

So after a long period of adjustment in China, not really writing much. Dean Chatham hit me up at 1:21 am China time, and I knew that it was on.

It took months to renew our website subscriptions and to pay for everything. Not having visa cards, and trying to make online payment in China can be difficult. Our order history is like three pages of failed payments. But we finally got it working.

We have this interview Dean, who’s got a new mixtape out. Next week, we will have two more pieces of content, and then the week after that two more. There will be 8 every month under a common theme.

I hope you enjoy reading this. Thank you.