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Retro V&S: janky. New V&S: Janky. Capital J, baby, we’re rolling with it. The team has made it to the big leagues after a short run-in with bankruptcy. We’re bailed out and ballin’ out like the goddamn Bank of America. We almost got tattoos, but we didn’t. We almost caused the downfall of an international English school franchise, but we didn’t. We almost acquired discernible talent while we were gone, but don’t worry – we didn’t. When I think of retro V&S, I think of the hot bitter of espresso dripping down the back of my throat in an effort to cover up the vodka-bile scent that my pores were emanating at the time. Now, it’s only Vietnamese civet coffee (that is, coffee partially digested and defecated by a small cat-like jungle creature [a real, refined Asian experience]) and whiskey. In short, our pores still reek but we think we can convince people that it’s something expensive.

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